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Rental Software vs Online Booking System

Rental Software is a process simplification tool which eases the transactions of renting out equipment and vehicles by providing the renters with the strategy of gaining customers and making the data processing behind the screen easy and streamlined. Once a renter makes use of this software, he will find many growth opportunities for his business because of the two reasons.... Read More

How to Manage and Grow Your Bike Rental Business?

Having set up a bike rental business after proper planning and strategizing is a good start. We're sure you have gone through all the necessary steps such as; market feasibility, targeting the customers’ segment, positioning your brand accordingly, setting up advertisement processes, and marketing it for promotion. It’s good you have....Read More

What you must know about equipment management software as a part of your rental business?

Starting and running a rental business requires a long list of activities over which you must have proper control. Whether your business rents out vehicles; bikes, cars, ATVs/UTVs, boats, or equipment, you need to organize each and every transaction step...Read More


Remote work is becoming the rental future! 

We often talk about how much calls are avoided in today’s world and how much people are comfortable with just getting their things done...Read More

10 ways to increase your Rental Bookings Today!

Attracting customers is not as difficult as it seems if you have the right techniques and know the right way to approach them. Online businesses... Read More

Promote your Rental business by adapting these 7 low-cost marketing strategies!

Planning to conduct a rental business with quality equipment in your inventory is a fine initiation but not enough. Without having a reputable image...Read More 

How Digital Documentation Can Improve Your Rental Business Productivity

Documentation and record-keeping are imperatives of a successful business. It doesn’t matter whether your rental business is new, small..Read More
Your Rental Business Website should be mobile-friendly –Make it one!

The Internet has been such a convenience in everyone’s life that it is hard imagining your life without it. Be it socializing...Read More..
How to start and manage an online rental business?

Online rental businesses are the need of the hour showing growth in eCommerce. Organizations that provide the finest multi-channel..Read More..
Is running a rental business profitable?

With the right strategy, even a small rental business can make enough profit. It can really become more profitable than a retail business.. Read More
6 Content Ideas for Getting Started as a Rental Business on TikTok?

TikTok bills itself as the place for short mobile videos. Imagine an Instagram for videos or a short-form YouTube, but with a lot of cool..Read More

Tips on How to Grow Your Rental Business in 2022

Whether you’re a well-established Rental Business with a large portfolio of clients or you’re just starting in the industry, it’s important to continuously...Read More

4 ways to improve your small business' profitability

Choosing to invest in a rental property is a great way to generate a regular income and build equity in a relatively safe and...Read More
8 Tips for Offering Better Customer Service During High Season

The high in demand season is always a difficult time to deal with. There are many customers and many new customers trying...Read More
Product Photography: A Rental Business Owner’s Guide to Getting it Right

If you are selling something, you make sure you have the best pictures of your product. Right? When a client comes and looks at your products ...Read More
5 Ways to Write Persuasive Descriptions for Your Rental Products

The art of writing a product description doesn’t come naturally, it comes when you actually know what kind of product...Read More
 Why You Should Swap Spreadsheets for Rental Software Tools

Small rental businesses usually begin by using emails or spreadsheets to manage Customer information...Read More

How Taking eSignatures Can Improve Your Rental Business Productivity

In times, when everything can be done online, it can be a stressful task that the customer will come in person...Read More

Why Forecasting is Important as a Seasonal Rental Business

It's not nice to have but a necessity to forecast your revenue and expenses if your rental business...Read More

The Top 10 Most Rented Items In 2021

Renting out property is one of the most lucrative businesses. The main reason for this is that some people cannot afford...Read More

Loyalty Cards: How to Reward Customers, So They Keep Coming Back

Having loyal customers who return to do business with you time and again is one of the biggest...Read More
Turn Your Hobby into a Rental Business in 6 Steps

The trend of monetizing hobbies has been increasing rapidly for the last few...Read More

Why Google’s ‘Near Me’ Results are Important for Rental Businesses

Long gone are the days when businesses could be successful without being visible in...Read More

Reduce the Chance of No-Shows with Text Message Reminders

No matter what industry you are in, no-shows can be very expensive. It is wasting the time of your staff ...Read More
Take Before and After images for your rentals to upload

Renting vehicles is never an easy business. It comes with many perks and pitfalls. You should know how to minimize risk ...Read More
Why 2022 is the Best Time to Get into the Rental Economy

Over the last decade, the rental business has grown at an astonishing rate and is continuously growing...Read More
Best Insurance Companies For Bike Rental Business In California - 2022

Every Business has some challenges to deal with whether it is a well-established business...Read More
How to Grow and Scale Your Equipment Rental Business in 6 Steps

Management- a controllable variable that impacts the success of a business...Read More

6 Reasons Customers Book Online - The New Digital Era

While there are still people out there who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way by calling, the digital era...Read More

Why You Should be Showing Live Availability on Your Website?

Live availability enables you to inform clients when and how many of your items are available on any...Read More
8 Essential Free SEO Tools to Drive Traffic

Are you a rental business owner looking for free SEO tools to perform basic SEO for rental businesses...Read More

Checklist: How to Rent Out Equipment Online

The equipment rental sector is expanding, and if you're looking for a profitable business opportunity...Read More