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The Internet has been such a convenience in everyone’s life that it is hard imagining your life without it. Be it socializing, business conduction, starting a new entrepreneurial venture; the internet has all the grounds set for you. Especially after Covid, most of the businesses have been shifted online, the rental ones too. Also, gone are the days when people used laptops all the time for surfing and working, with the adoption of smart ways, smartphones are also adopted for all such purposes. Every successful business today needs a mobile-friendly website, app, or software to work for them so they can generate more leads and target more customers accordingly. Surprising as it may seem, more than 80% of online buying is conducted through smartphones nowadays.   
Whether you have a huge and expanded rental business or a small and local one, you need to have a website that is mobile friendly and an operations managing software that is also suitable to be operated on mobile, tablets, and desktops all at once. Customers who rent out vehicles on their last-minute plans usually don’t have their laptops with them, they should have the liberty to book their rentals from phones right? Rides Rental software is mobile, tablet/iPad, and desktop-friendly and also allows you to build your rental websites the same way.  

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Why does your rental website need to be mobile-friendly? 
Ever tried using a desktop website on your smartphone? It is excruciatingly difficult! You have to zoom in a hundred times, tap a couple of times, and still won’t land on the right tab you clicked for. Your customers will feel the same trouble and will switch it to a mobile-friendly website of your competitor and you don’t want to lose customers this way. Also, using rental software that does the same to you will make you frustrated when you are working remotely and only have your smartphone with you. Rides Rental Software allows you to operate your software on your phones and also makes your rental website easy for your customers and potential customers to use on their phones.  

Pointers to keep a tab on while designing a mobile-friendly rental website for customers:

Number: 1 Your customers can operate it easily: 
You should keep in mind the purposes for which a customer lands on your website. It could be for booking a piece of equipment or vehicle for rent, for obtaining information about prices, availability, or dates, it could be for making price comparisons, or reading testimonials to make sure your business is trustworthy. You need to list down these purposes and make it easy for your customers to attain all of them through their mobiles or smartphones easily. This means you need to design it in a way that the number of clicks per purpose should be reduced and getting to the target page is quick and easy. Also, make sure your website makes it easy for the customer to make payments through their mobiles.  

Number: 2 Beta testing is a MUST! 
Once you jot down the priorities and purposes of your customers when they land on your rental website, you need to develop a beta version of your website. This will make your website’s final version error-free. Also, to make sure that your rental website supports your customer's mobile experience, pass it through proper testing. See how many clicks and loading pages you have to go through to reach the destination of transactions. Add customers in this testing process to get real-time feedback and reasons to work on your website, this will engage the customers and you will get actual help to improve their experience and your revenue as a result. 

Number: 3 Your rental website should have a responsive and easily manageable theme.
Having a responsive rental website means that it works on every display whether it is a laptop, desktops, mobile, or tablet. This will make the managing process easy for your employees and your customers. You don’t need a designer or a professional to make a responsive website for you. Don’t pay them huge amounts for a simple task. Rides Rental Software lets you optimize your website’s URL, title, and meta tags and also lets you design your website by just dragging your selected feature and adding it to your final website in seconds.  

Get the right inspiration: 
Your business’s success depends on how well you select your inputs. Rides Rental Software provides you with unique features which are not offered by any other rental software. It lets you keep records and track them easily through your phones and iPads. You need to keep in mind that you have a hundred many competitors who are struggling every inch to get on the top and you are not the first in the rental industry to use this technique. But you also don’t want to be the last. It's time you commit to growth and add a rental software in your business that relieves you from all your worries today.  

Conclusive thoughts on mobile-friendliness for your website: 
When you step into the right competition and make your rental website mobile-friendly, a lot of customers will be drawn towards your website even if there are competitors who are stronger than you. In this fast-paced world, no one has time to spend on a simple purchase. Your customers have better things to do. Don’t penalize your business with a simple drawback and make your rental website worthy of attracting new customers. It doesn’t matter if your business is a small one or you are new in the rental industry, it is important to take the first step right and add a feature that sets you on the path of growth and a strong customer base in days. Make the right choice.  

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