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Rides Rental Software was developed to fulfill the need for a platform solution that will allow rental businesses to maximize the amount of units rented by incorporating key features like an optimized website to attract more customers, online booking, scheduling, digital document signing and much more.

Learn More About Rides Rental Software -
Take a Virtual Tour Today!


Custom designed websites that first and foremost drives traffic, while making it easy for customers to rent and book online.

Online Booking

Rental units, classes, experiences and anything else that needs to be booked online can easily be done via our platform. Real time availability allows your customers to easily make decisions.

E-Sign & Document Upload

Allow customers to electronically sign documents and waivers online with ease. Plus upload important documents like proof of insurance or drivers licenses.


Pull reports such as your sales or top rentals, delivery and pick up reports, and more so you can see whats going on with your business. 


Customer Management

Never miss a sale. Keep all of your customer information at your fingertips. Immediate access when you need it.


Search Engine Optimization

Rich in key words, key terms, and optimized for searching, let your SEO make your wallet rich too!



See your schedule and know whats going out and coming in at a glance. Filter by rentals to get a granular view of your business in an instance. 


Add-Ons and Upsells

Don't miss out on revenue. Offer add ons and conveniences through the rental process to help increase your average order total.


Everything you need to sell your products and apparel online easily and quickly. Guaranteed to make you and your customers happy!

Memberships / Automated Billing

Customers can sign up for memberships via your website and with our automated billing, you don't need to worry about collecting payments. Set your own billing cycles. 

Inventory Management

Its quick and easy to upload and edit your rental products on the website. Keep track and maintain all in one spot.

New and Used Unit Sales

Not only can you rent your products through your website, but you can also list them for sale simultaneously. Collect leads, credit applications and much more with unit sales fuctionality. 


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