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Product Photography: A Rental Business Owner’s Guide to Getting it Right

If you are selling something, you make sure you have the best pictures of your product. Right? When a client comes and looks at your products they should be able to see a high-quality product with the right angles being photographed so it looks formal and professional. It is very important to have good photography skills when starting your business and in the rental business, This plays a huge role. While many of the startups can afford to outsource the photography, many are tight on a budget and have to do it themselves. In that case, a basic knowledge of product photography for rental businesses is necessary!

Customers are drawn to appealing images that accurately represent your products and their associated aspirations. So if you’re looking to boost the number of bookings you receive, you’ve got to take high-quality product photos.

Here are some things that can help you capture beautiful, professional, and high-quality rental product pictures at home!

1. Pick the right camera.
This might seem like a no-brainer, but choosing the right camera is essential to successful product photography. Of course, if you’re not planning on doing photoshoots consistently, or if you’re on a tight budget, don’t feel pressured to drop a chunk of change on a fancy DSLR camera. 
Luckily, smartphone technology has come a long way, so if you have an iPhone in your back pocket already, you’ll be good to go. You can always dress up your photos with your backdrop or play around with lighting to get that perfect shot. 

2. Reflectors
Reflectors help direct light onto the product. Use a white craft board and stand them up with clamps. This may or may not be useful depending on the type of product you’re shooting. For reflective items like metal and glass, these are helpful in minimizing reflections and controlling the light. So if you are shooting for your cars, bike, this will be an awesome approach. 

3. Tripod
You can try your best to get good photos by simply pointing your camera and shooting at your products, but you’ll thank yourself for renting or buying a tripod. It will allow you to adjust the height and placement of your camera while reducing blur by keeping your camera more steady.

4. Styling your products
The best product photography provides context for the products being showcased. This can be the setting, props, or even use cases for your products. For example, bikes may be the best shot in adventure situations, event decor in the context of a stylish event, or a camera being used to shoot a music video.

Placing your products in the context of how they are intended to be used can help your customers visualize how they might use them. This also helps to confirm people’s aspirations that determine why they’re looking to rent your products in the first place. For inspiration, look at how other brands you admire style their products.

Before uploading your photos you have to make sure that the content you put is SEO optimized and is optimized to capture leads!. Make sure to keep the size as small as possible so you don't lose the quality of the picture and always tag them.

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