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How to Get Started with Google Analytics For Your Rental Business

Are you interested in knowing how many people visit your site daily, how long they spend there, and what they do? Many people who run businesses or manage websites say tracking this information is crucial to their success. 

Keeping up with market trends, current technology, and customer preferences is vital to the success of a rental business. The ability to track your consumers' likes and dislikes is imperative to your business' success as technology constantly changes. A new level of tracking your customers' interests has just been reached thanks to tools such as Google Analytics. 

Fortunately, Google Analytics is free, offering a comprehensive set of information that allows you to see, explore, and interact with all that data. With this information, you're able to make informed business and marketing decisions based on past performance and trends. 

Google Analytics - what is it?
Google Analytics tracks information such as visitors' interactions with your site and other relevant statistics. Besides providing you with customer information, Google Analytics can help you determine how your website's visitors interact with your rental listing, which can help you determine where you should spend your advertising dollars. 

Google Analytics trackers send a small message to Google each time someone interacts with your website. If you install the code on your website, you will see who has viewed your rental pictures, or who has viewed your availability calendar. 

Google Analytics can measure the success of your marketing campaigns, including search engine optimization, blogs, and social media posts.

Use Google Analytics for your rental website 
If you have already set up a Google Analytics account for your rental business, you're ahead of the game. You can set up Google Analytics on your rental website with Rides Rental Software if you do not already have it. It takes minutes to create a Google Analytics account with our software. The key is to become familiar with its basic elements and the significance of the numbers in each section.

Discover where your visitors come from
In Google Analytics, under the Audience section, you can find more information about your website's visitors. Next, click on Overview. Several numbers will display some statistics about your rental website, such as the number of new users or the average time spent on it. These numbers will show how engaging your website is.

Get a deeper understanding of your visitors
Suppose you have determined your target market in advance, but you want to determine whether your website attracts them. Choose Demographics/Age/Gender from the main menu.

Is your short-term rental targeted at students and are there groups of young people who live there? So, if your answer is positive, go straight to your rental business's Age Demographics page on Google Analytics, and you will see something like the one below for your age demographics. If not, rethink your marketing strategy.

Convertible Content Is Important
Google Analytics is a great tool to monitor your rentals website's conversion rate. Is it high enough?
Answering that question is critical to your business's success because all your website, social media, and other platforms should do is turn people into existing and loyal customers. If your conversion rate is below the average, you need to revamp your plans to improve it.
Having this data in hand allows you to find out what types of content are most engaging for specific groups coming from different sources, but you can also optimize your website, and of course, reexamine your marketing strategies based on the results.

Getting to the Bottom Line
Your rental website is the best way to boost your direct bookings if you're determined to do so. With investing, doesn't just mean paying a lot for its design or hiring content writers. Obviously, that's important, but before optimizing your website, analyze it to find the problems. Every marketing strategy you plan to attract more direct bookings will fail if you do not know which pages convert and which ones do not.

You might feel overwhelmed by all of this. Fortunately, Rides Rental Software can handle all of it for you. Want to learn how? Visit the website now (link) to find out how we can help.