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Why Google’s ‘Near Me’ Results are Important for Rental Businesses

Long gone are the days when businesses could be successful without being visible in Google. The search engine has become so important for rental businesses in particular that being on page one of Google’s results for relevant queries is a key metric for success. 

The ‘Near Me’ results are the first organic search result on the left-hand side of Google, and show local business listings from Maps, as well as local search results from Google My Business. 
Google’s ‘Near Me’ results are important for rental businesses because they help customers find rental properties near them. If a customer is looking for a rental property in the USA, they can use this feature to find the best options near them.
The customer also saves time by not having to search through many listings on different websites. This allows them to find the nearest and most relevant rental options to them. It also provides information about the amenities and services available at that location.
By including your rental in Google’s ‘Near Me’ results you can increase the number of people who see your property.

A few years ago, not all of us knew that these kinds of results existed. These days users are taking advantage of the new feature and I bet you are one of them. Near Me Now is a useful tool. 

Google Near me Results is actually getting more popular all over the globe. Searches using the keyword "near me" have raised by 23% in 2016.

It’s something you may have missed if you’re solely focusing on the more widely known Google local search. 

Why Google is vital to rental businesses

Google dominates the market for online search engines. We Google a business when we want to learn more about it.
Consider these factors, especially for rental businesses:
Google is responsible for 90% of the world's searches.
More than 80% of renters who are interested in a property Google it first.
Over 20 million times per month, Google connects consumers to information rentals.
Consumers find Google reviews to be more credible than any other platform since Google is one of the most trusted tech brands.
There is no doubt that high Google rankings directly correlate to more leads, improved credibility, and new business for any rental business. One of the web's largest audiences benefits most from businesses that are prominently displayed on the web.
Local Search Results

Local search results algorithms are constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up. Nonetheless, one thing has remained constant for quite a while now: Google looks for the most relevant content on their SERPs, no matter if it's an exact match or a close match. You should ensure your content is relevant without making it overly keyword-focused.

How do rental businesses rank locally? 

This is a specific question that has got some confusion. It's not an easy task for any business owner to rank their business website in the Google map because of the stiff competition and also having great web pages are not enough when your end aim is to get ranked in a local area using Maps. So, if you want to rank for a Local Business for multiple cities, you must make use of the Google My Business platform.

There is a big difference between local and national search rankings. Therefore you must analyze your target audience, their searching habits, their preferences, and much more. Only then you can improve your local SEO.

Website Presence is the key: 

The greatest marketing strategy that rental businesses can use isn’t just the everlasting billboard or the never-ending annoying car audio. A real estate professional must develop a good online presence.

An internet presence - whether it is an online store or a blog post - is vital for your business. However, even though it seems like the internet has existed for as long as humans have, there are many business owners who still do not understand the importance of creating content on their blogs and the role of this seed content in their search engine rankings.

Optimizing your Google My Business listing

It is important to update your Google My Business listing with new information, seasonal changes and increase the number of photos that help potential tenants feel more secure with their decision.

Optimizing your Google My Business listing is an SEO strategy that potential guests use to search for rentals. And if you want to increase your Airbnb bookings, you will need to optimize your Google My Business page and other online listings.

A place to display your reviews

There is no doubt that Google is the most credible online review platform, surpassing Facebook, Yelp, or any other online real estate marketplace. Usually, sharing reviews through your Google business profile is the best method to reach customers. Reviews are also beneficial for boosting your search rankings even more than reputation management.  
  • Rental Businesses with an average review rating of 4.0 or better on Google appear in 350% more Google searches than that with an average review rating of 0-3.
  • Rental businesses with a 4.0 average review rating on Google received 300% more actions (calls, texts, website views, and direction requests) than those with a review rating of 0-3.
  • The more reviews a user has, the better they perform in search, views, and actions.
  • Those numbers are in addition to the search results mentioned above - it is like an added boost

By listing your business on Google My Business, you round out your digital marketing campaign and make finding your community easier. Google My Business can be used effectively in conjunction with Google Ads and an appealing leasing website to generate committed leads. As a result, your Google business listing is an essential tool if you want prospects to be able to find you.
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