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6 Reasons Customers Book Online - The New Digital Era

While there are still people out there who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way by calling, the digital era has taken over and as a result, more and more people are choosing to book online.

Why? So many reasons! And there are even more reasons for you, as a rental business owner, to start accepting online bookings if you aren't already.

We are experiencing a “new” era where digital reigns supreme and online booking is the norm. The age of looking at a paper calendar is long gone. Now, rental businesses are up against fierce competitors that offer the same services but deliver them in ways that are likely to be more convenient to customers.

The rental industry continues to feel the effects of generational change and the rise of technology that has taken place in recent years. Customer preferences are changing quickly, and a new generation is favoring the convenience and efficiencies of online booking sites.

The following 6 reasons will help you understand it better;

1. Convenient Process 
Online booking is convenient for customers because they can book any time and from anywhere, with minimal effort. It offers a better customer experience than a phone call or visit, especially if your customer can easily navigate and understand your website.

With a 24/7 availability option, customers can book from anywhere at any time and receive instant confirmation of their booking requests.

Also, online booking is less of a burden on your business because you won't need as many staff members taking reservations by phone. In fact, all you'll need to do is check your online calendar to see the bookings that have been made. With an online system, the availability of appointments will be updated automatically, with no manual alteration of calendars.

2. A Visual Experience 

Customers want to see exactly what they will be getting when booking online, including description, pricing, and availability.
With online booking, customers can see high-quality photos before renting the property, providing a better visual experience.

A business whose rental property pictures appear on its website will have a greater chance of attracting new customers. Even virtual tours are useful for rental businesses to give their customers a sneak peek into their properties.

Customers are more likely to trust that business as a result. According to the statistics, rental business owners who use online booking get more revenue than those who don't.

3. The Advent of Social Media

Social media has the power to increase online bookings for rental businesses, with a recent study suggesting that businesses with online bookings can see an 81% boost in direct bookings by using social media.

It is an amazing platform that activates a powerful connection between businesses and their customers ultimately increasing bookings by attracting more and more customers. 

If rental businesses make themselves more visible on social media, they have a greater chance of driving conversions from customers. This is because the vast majority of consumers use social media to influence their booking plans.

Having a presence on social media is about more than just boosting your follower count. It's about cultivating a loyal community of users who are engaged with your business and trust your brand enough to rely on you for their rental needs.

4. Reviews From Past Customers

In a recent survey, almost three-quarters of customers said they prefer to book services online because it's convenient and allows them to see reviews from past customers.

Potential customers can assess a thing they are going to book by looking at reviews from past clients. As a result, they trust the brand and make an informed decision.

5. Price and Availability

Online booking is more convenient for customers because they can compare prices from different sites and choose the best ones or the most affordable ones. Plus, many websites offer promos like discounted rates, offers, and other perks during off-peak seasons which can be accessed online. 
Also, they like being able to book 24/7 without having to wait for someone to answer the phone or reply to an email.

They can also book at any time of day, not just during business hours. With online booking, customers are guaranteed of getting the product without being turned down due to lack of space or being told that a particular service provider is not available.

6. A Personalized and Tailored Experience 

Long gone are the days when customers had to call a travel agent to book their next trip. Today, customers prefer to book online because they get a personalized and tailored experience. They can cancel or confirm their booking whenever they like without having to contact anyone else.

Also, they want their information to be secure as they enter credit card details online. Nobody wants to risk their personal data being stolen or misused.

When you can create a customized experience for your customers — whether they're booking online or checking into your site — you'll improve their satisfaction levels and increase your revenue.
Booking online is the way of the future! The digital era has changed the way customers find, learn about and book their desired products. It is no surprise to see customers are booking online in the majority and we can see why! Booking online saves time and hassle and so much more.

So if your customers want to book online, why are you making them call or email you? It's time to get real with your business and give customers what they want!

You can automate your business and online bookings with Rides Rental Software, saving you and your customers time. Learn more on our website.