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8 Tips for Offering Better Customer Service During High Season

The high in-demand season is always a difficult time to deal with. There are many customers and many new customers trying out your Platform. It’s the busiest time of the year and handling customers can be difficult in such situations. However, it shouldn't be the reason to slow down, cut short on your customer service, and offer poor customer service.

Summer is the busiest time of year for most rental businesses and customer service can make or break your rental business in many cases. How you manage your customer service - from pre-booking questions to pickups and returns - can determine whether a customer is likely to return to your business in the future or if they will look elsewhere.

So, You’ve to think of ways to manage such customers in a short time. Here are some tips below that will help you provide top notch customer service during the peak holiday season 

8 Tips For Top-Notch Customer Service 

1. Prioritize Tasks

It’s crucial that you instruct your customer service team to prioritize tasks. With so many emails and phone calls, you can’t possibly answer and respond to them all in the same way. It’s just not an optimal way of doing it. Instead, your team should complete the urgent ones, such as faulty items or purchasing issues first. 
However, it’s vital that you handle all cases at an appropriate time. Just because you’re prioritizing, it doesn’t mean you should allow the basic queries to sit in the stack for an extended amount of time. Your aim should be to please every single one of your customers. So delegate and put one team member on every task that way nothing will fall through the cracks. 

2. Take time to train your team

It is very important to know that all of your team members are on the same page. If anyone is not clear it will create a problem for your business. What if someone comes to your team and they don't know how to respond to them, what will you do? You will immediately lose your customer and you don't want that to happen. It is very important to train all of your team members and make sure that they know each and everything. 

3. Get ahead of questions

There isn’t always the time to answer customers’ calls and emails as quickly as you’d like. So, it can be good to implement an FAQ page on your website that answers the most common questions people have. These can be ones people ask in-store, on social media, and through calls and emails.

4. Always use positive language

It is very important that you talk positively with the customers. Make them trust you and your sayings. Building one’s trust in your business is the most important thing. Words have a big impact on everyone. Make sure to use positive and wise words once dealing with customers. 

For example: “Welcome to Rides Rental Software where we make sure your rental business thrives. How can we help you on this fine day?”

5. Hire temporary workers

Now is an excellent time to look back at the most recent high season and consider whether there were times where a couple of extra pairs of hands could’ve been helpful. If the answer is yes, then it sounds like you might need to hire temporary workers during the high season. Not only will this make operations more efficient, but it will also free up time to focus on your business. Having user-friendly software, which requires little training, can help a lot.

6. Provide various contact points

Customers need to know that if they need to ask questions, there are multiple ways of contacting you. These can include directing people in-store, customer service numbers, social media messaging, and live chat. You also need to make these visible on your website and in-store so people have easy access.

7. Go the extra mile

If you’ve taken care of all of the above tips, you might think there’s not much more you can do to provide better service. However, you can always go the extra mile to make a lasting impression on customers. This can be anything from sharing a guide and offering a discount.

8. Accept online bookings

Finally, giving customers the option to book in advance will help to streamline your operations. By allowing them to book in advance, you can reduce the amount of time spent serving each customer in-store or taking bookings over the phone and email. It will also mean you can have more meaningful interactions with your customers.

Customer service can make or break a company's reputation and customers can quickly find alternatives if the customers are not being served right. When there is high demand, make sure you put extra effort in customer service so that no customers fall through the cracks and you make those extra bucks easily! 

If you want to get more tips like these, talk to our rental experts here!