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Remote work is becoming the Rental Future

We often talk about how much calls are avoided in today’s world and how much people are comfortable with just getting their things done without having the need to call someone for advice and suggestions. But in the business world, it is exactly the opposite, especially in rental businesses. Customers have to know important stuff when it comes to renting and thus simple online booking is not satisfactory for them.  
As the owner of a rental business, you need to have active representatives who are professional, trained, and know how to deal with customers. People ask about the prices, discounts, promotional deals, especially the senior citizens because they are not that familiar with technology and cannot precisely search for the needed item or service without being guided. Do they ask about which equipment can be the best fit for their current need? Is that available? Which vehicles are top-rented? and what specifications do they need to check before renting out a vehicle or equipment? On the other hand, the sales rep must know about delivery status, availability and how they can upsell the customers with their services.  

What’s the downside of having no calling representatives? 

Well, consider a situation in which you are in a store waiting to get the equipment you want to rent and the employee who’s dealing with you is busy answering a phone call from another customer? You would be pissed off, right? Also, dealing with two customers at the same time can create confusion for the employee as well and he may end up losing both deals. Now, if you don’t have anyone to talk to your customers, you will lose many because the customers are quick to think of such businesses as inactive or uninterested in selling.  

Is hiring phone-customer service agents the right decision? 
Adding more employees to your office can be too much of a task. You have to set up their cubicles, more workforce means more resource utilization which can add to the costs of your business. The solution to this? Hire this workforce remotely. There will be no more multi-tasking troubles and rental software can help you with information available to your remote employees and customers at the same time.  

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How hiring Remote employees can benefit you? 
Creating a seamless and superior experience for your phone customers as well as making it easy for the in-store employees to deal with walk-in customers and other tasks can be achieved easily by hiring remote employees for phone representation of your business. It can provide you with the following advantages: 

1. Less interruptions, more focus: 
The remote employees will only have one task to do; answering the customer's call. They will not be facing any in-store or in-office interruptions like walk-in customers and co-workers’ small talk respectively. The rental software will provide them live data with all the changes on the dashboard and the information accessible to customers on the website. This way they will be able to answer the queries and solve the customers’ problems without any trouble.  

2. In-office employees will have better things to do for increased revenues: 
Your physical staff will also not be interrupted by customers calling for rental information and they will be able to give proper time to walk-in customers or other tasks such as lead generation, designing new promotional campaigns and finance handling, etc. They will be able to put all of their attention to the tasks expected to be performed by them.  

3. Increased employee productivity:
As discussed earlier, every employee (remote or physical) will be focused on their part of the job and thus they won’t have to multitask between different activities. This will increase their productivity and they will be able to channel their effort to upselling customers and coming up with innovative ideas for customer retention, thus ultimately leading to increased profitability of your rental business.  
Now that it is clear for you to hire employees for phone representation of your business. You will be thinking about how remote working can apply to my business and how to set up the basis for such technicalities to be performed seamlessly? Well, we got the answer for you.  

How to set up the premises of remote working for your rental business benefits? 
Having a call center for your business is already a remote thing; you have separate cubicles for the employees. They are present 24/7 with varying shifts in a separate department, responding to the calls of your customers. If your rental business is new or a small (local) one, you might not think of it as a possible task. That's where remote working enters.  
When you introduce remote working in your business, professionals, and experts who are not even located in your city can be a part of their business and their sheer expertise can be used to your advantage. The recruitment pool will widen on a geographic as well as flexibility basis. This means, more employees will be at your service even after the working hours at your typical office. Also, you will save a lot of costs.  

Questions you need to ask yourself before taking the final decision of this hybrid functional implementation: 
Is the current scenario in which in-office employees or your technical staff is answering customers' calls, taking a toll on their productivity and ultimately your revenue? Are the calls which are missed because no one is currently available to deal with a phone customer costing your business reputation?  

Will I be saving costs if I implement this hybrid model into my business? How can I lead my employees and motivate them for active working, enabling them to remove obstacles which can be created by remote working? Do I have a software solution for that? Where can I get such a solution?   
Now, as the last thing, can you ensure the efficiency and productivity of your remote workers? Well, technically you can! If you have the right rental software where collaboration, automation, updating, inventory management can run simultaneously. This is the reason why you need Rides Rental Software, where all these operations can be done without putting in too much manual labor and you will get visible results of your business’s growth.  

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