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Growing Your Rental Business with Social Media

Is it even possible for an online rental business to grow without social media? It’s not a choice anymore, social media is a necessity. The reason is that social media users are now over 4.2 billion worldwide. As per the stats from Statista, 72% of consumers discovered new products through social media. That’s why having your rental social media page running is a must now. It has proven to be a powerful tool for marketing and helped businesses reach many potential clients that they couldn’t reach before in a highly competitive market.

But there is a way of doing everything, right? In this blog, we have gathered some steps to follow to successfully market your rentals, or else you won’t be able to attract your potential buyers. How would they know that you’re on social media selling your rental service? See how you could do it:

1. Planning your social media campaign

First and foremost, you must be clear about what you're planning to achieve with your social media campaigns like product promotion or brand awareness. Say you’re just starting out, you could go for a brand awareness campaign then because your audience would be unfamiliar with it. Later you can switch to product promotion, growing audience, engagement, etc. 

Identifying specific campaign goals is the first step in a successful rental social media strategy, regardless of why you do so. A few examples of specific campaign goals are listed below:
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost website traffic
  • Generate new customers
  • Maximize sales and revenue
  • Inspire customer engagement
  • Build your brand’s community
  • Get customer feedback

2. Choosing the right platform for the right content

Advertising your business on social media requires more than simply posting your available rentals across all of the channels. Posting different content types is the best approach to connect with broad demography of individuals.

Consider sharing reels, infographics, GIFs, and articles relevant to the community in addition to photos of your rental items. By creating engaging content, you may encourage people to read your other posts and engage more.

Moreover, keep in mind that not all social media platforms can work for you with the same content strategy. Your chances of attracting new renters might considerably rise by posting suitable content on the right platform.

Here’s how you can utilize some of the popular social media platforms:


Facebook is one of the most resourceful social media platforms, making it ideal for rental businesses to advertise. Facebook provides features that let you publish status updates, communicate with customers, collect feedback, and even list items using the Marketplace tool.
Make the most of this platform by posting stuff that is both beautifully written and has eye-catching images. You may post anything on your Facebook page, from business news to before and after pictures of modifications you've made to rental units. 


 This platform is more often used for community building and PR. It's an essential tool for owners to connect with prospective renters, especially the younger generation who is more active on this social network than others.
Looking at how tweets work, the key is to write concise, engaging texts and use high-quality images to highlight your rentals.


This is possibly the list's most visually appealing platform. Pinterest may be used to post images or precise videos of rental items with its inside tour or 360* degree look.
Instead of only informing potential renters about your rental unit verbally, you can show them through this social media platform how it looks.


 Another highly visual social media platform, Instagram needs visually stunning photographs, interactive videos, and an aesthetic feed. Post the finest images of your products together with insightful descriptions.
Try to remember that while Instagram captions might contain a lot of information, the photographs are what matter most on this platform, so make captions interesting but concise. You can also add videos on how to use your certain rental item or what is the precaution for handling it and also share the policies using these videos.
Another way to market your rental business is to use the interactive questions sticker in Instagram stories so followers can submit questions for you to answer or you can also create polls with rental units asking this or that so you can take the guesswork out and stay current with what your clients want.


LinkedIn is a great area to network with other CEOs and grow your social media profile, even though it's not the ideal place to meet potential clients. 
You might find it weird but the companies, your ex-colleagues, or employees might be interested in a rental unit you’re offering on LinkedIn. Let’s say you’re a party rental and can offer your rentals for corporate events, what could be better than marketing it on LinkedIn? 
Additionally, if you're listing a rental, publish an article about it on LinkedIn Pulse to notify local professionals about newsworthy data about your rentals.


 This relatively new platform where you may not expect to find real estate promotions. If there are no or a few other rental businesses marketing their rentals, you have a great chance to get featured if you do it right. Create entertaining reels about your rental units using this platform, such as a timelapse, a short tour of rental units, BTS of your rental company, how you pack your rentals, how do your rentals, how you ship them, and much more. The reels you create here may also be shared on other social media networks.

3. Using Hashtags To Broaden Your Reach

Since hashtags are what help your content to reach your target audience, they are a crucial component for the success of your posts. Including relevant hashtags in your posts would make them more accessible to the audience. For example, if someone searches the feed with the keyword Harley-Davidson motorbikes and you’ve used the same keyword in your posts, your post will easily come in front of the feed.

Make use of generic rental keywords as well as specific tags such as “rental equipment” to reach out to new potential buyers. Even if the rental unit you listed isn't what they're searching for, they'll still be taken to your social media page where they may explore your other posts.

4. Running paid ads to advertise your rental listing

Unlike the aforementioned methods, this type of marketing is completely paid for and customized by the social media platform. A smartly set paid ad campaign will guarantee you reach your target audience. As many social media sites offer paid advertising options, you can take advantage of them to increase visibility.

The cost of social media advertising is comparatively low and you can make ads that are customized to target your potential audience via their demographics. Your Ads will show up to those who are closest to your target audience.

Moreover, you can also run multiple paid ads, each targeted at a group of alike people having similar interests. For instance, one advertisement would target young singles searching for a motorbike, while another might target young couples looking to rent a car for a getaway.

5. Optimizing content for local SEO

Make sure your biofields and about pages incorporate your primary keywords. Although it may seem pointless given that social media has no direct impact on SEO, nobody knows how Google will use this information. Even if they aren't looking, it's a good idea to present yourself professionally
Reviews are going to be crucial, particularly when it comes to Facebook. Don't overlook this Facebook feature since the reviews you receive are shown in search results. Don't forget to take reviews on Facebook in addition to Google and Yelp!
Also, make it simple for others to access the stuff you link to on social media. Though these links are "nofollow," they will assist Google to understand the content you link to and may have an impact on results.
Additionally, ensure to incorporate keywords into any writing that discusses your rental units in any way. This will increase the likelihood to appear in front when someone searches on websites like Yelp or Google+Local.
Just be consistent, the more frequently you interact with your audience, the more probable it is that people will talk about you online. 

6. Using attractive and high-quality images 

Considering the social media handles of a rental business, we know that text plays a great role in providing all the information to the clients but high-quality images are a must for this nature of business. People are likely to trust you more if you have your social media updated with detailed images of your rentals.
To ensure that your images display properly on mobile devices, make sure they are clean and sharp before posting them.
Whether you have prior graphic design experience or not, there are now a variety of tools and apps you can use to create beautiful images. With their help of them, you may design captivating rental posts for your social media and even find inspiration from other users
To make your photographs more effective, you can add logos, addresses, upgrades, and overlays using Canva.

7. Engaging with the audience

To engage with your community, publish the link to your listing in groups, respond to comments, share similar posts, and talk about the topic of interest. By interacting with your audience, you may expand your network, increase awareness of your presence, and gain the confidence of your followers and potential renters.

Moreover, the greatest approach to creating compelling posts and result-oriented ads is by getting to know your audience. The more you know them, the more you can connect to them.