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Reduce the Chance of No-Shows with Text Message Reminders

No matter what industry you are in, no-shows can be very expensive. It is wasting the time of your staff and putting unnecessary holes in your schedule that you could have filled with another client or customer. But, to reduce the number of no-shows, it is important to understand why people do not show up in the first place. There can be many reasons for that, either the customer forgets that he has some business going on with you, or he doesn’t want to continue the deal with you. 
In order, to avoid such a thing it is better to send text messages to your customers, so they know they have business going on with you! This can bring a stop to these No-shows to some point.
How many text reminders to send? 

SMS best practices center around being respectful of your client’s time and personal space since text messages tend to be a more personal form of communication reserved for family and friends. Unlike reminder emails that can be filtered, sorted, and read when it’s convenient, SMS messages are received in real-time, directly on your clients’ phones. One text appointment reminder is enough. If it feels difficult to communicate all the required reminder details in a single text, it’s worth revisiting your confirmation emails, where there’s more space to add more robust information about what clients can expect.
What should you say in text reminders?

As with any text message, it should be concise. You need have to put all teh details in the message, just the information you want your client to know. You can include their name, their business deal, and your address. Text messages convey essential information only, so they need to be condensed to be successful.
When to send text reminders
While appointment reminder emails can be sent out over several days or weeks, texts are indicative of more time-sensitive commitments and they’re most successful when sent right before the appointment time. As a rule of thumb, send a reminder about two hours before a scheduled appointment. This length of time works well since it’s far enough in advance that your client can cancel, reschedule, or rearrange their day if needed but near enough to the actual appointment time that it stays top-of-mind. 
Basics of text reminder content

The content should be sweet and up to the point. You are texting your client to remind them of the business deal you have with them. Text reminders are short and sweet reminders for your clients. They’re not intended to bear the brunt of information exchanged between you. Unlike emails, texts are condensed communication tools intended to communicate essential information.
No-show-ups can be difficult and expensive for your business. We know how it feels when the client doesn’t show up the next day. Text messages are a lifesaver in these conditions. Drop a text to your client, they will get a heads up about their upcoming day’s routine. The text should be clear, concise, and sweet. Include the customer name, their business deal, and your address in the text!