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How Digital Documentation Can Improve Your Rental Productivity

Documentation and record-keeping are imperatives of a successful business. It doesn’t matter whether your rental business is new, small, or is leading the market, you need to have proper documentation to save your business from potential risks of; missed payments, safety hazards, inventory mismanagement, and so on. Before the pandemic, dealing with paper documentation was the sole option and choice of many businesses but since the lockdown, many rental businesses have shifted their transactions online and are conducting those transactions remotely. This remote-working limits the possibility of having physical documentation as the customers are usually located far from the office or are not willing to pay a visit. 
So, what’s the ultimate solution? Digital Documentation. Now as simple as it may seem, many of the businesses do not have this option on their rental website that makes it difficult for them to conduct their business remotely. Rides Rental software offers you the choice of paperless Digital documentation that makes it easy for your rental business to record files of your customers easily and quickly.  

Having an E-signatures option is a MUST: 
Now that most of the customer dealing and signing the contracts is conducted online, you need to have an option of adding e-signatures to your rental website to make it easy for you and your customer to sign the digital documents whether they are consent forms, age legality forms, waivers or invitation to subscribe to your rental business. With Rides Rental software you can add your and your customers’ signatures with just a click. 
  • Go to the Forms you need to sign
  • Click on the signature option
  • Draw your signature easily and add it to the form 
How digital Documentation benefits your Rental business? 
Digital documentation helps uplift your rental business's profitability and makes it easy for your customers to seal their rental deals. You just need to have the right rental management software and all your operations will be carried out seamlessly. Let's look at how the Rides Rental Software digital documentation option benefits your rental business:  

Reduced costs of storage: 
Of course, your rental business will spread when it has the right management and more and more customers will reach out to you for renting items they need. Physical records need a lot of storage space and will always add to your inventory holding costs. Also, when you keep the records in files it means more papers and more costs of printing, purchasing papers and files, and checking if they are in the right conditions. Digital documentation saves you from all these added costs and also helps you store the documents in cloud storage which keeps the documents safe and easily accessible whenever needed.  

Time saving: 
Keeping records of files and paper documents and making sure they are not misplaced can take a lot of time and you need to pay more to the employee hired for this purpose. Rides Rental Software offers you easy accessibility of just the right and needed records and documents within seconds and there’s no need to sort through them which takes a lot of time and effort of employees which also cuts your extra-wages costs.  

Your customers won’t have to wait: 
When a customer is located remotely, you need to mail the paper documents physically which adds to the lead time of placing and delivering the order. Customers don’t like to wait for that much and they will easily switch to other suppliers who offer a quick documentation process. Rides Rental software makes it easy for your customers to get access to the forms, waivers, and legal papers within minutes and thus will save their time and you get positively recommended to others also!  

Environment-friendly transactions:
Carrying out the documentation process digitally will also reduce the use of paper and will keep the trees safe and the environment healthy which can create a positive image of your business too.  

Adding new forms and waivers: 
Every rental business has its separate forms which are slightly different from the already available templates. Adding them to your rental website is just a matter of seconds with Rides Rental Software. You just have to design the form in a word document or a pdf (whichever is easy for you) and add it to your rental website by just tapping on the upload form button.  

By adding the form to your website, your customers will be able to open it without downloading, add signatures online and save it for their rental deal in just 3 easy steps. This way, you will have time to work on and fix other things in your rental business.  

How Rides Rental Digital Signature options help your rental business? 
  • With Rides Rental Software you can give 24-hour access to online forms and waivers to your customers easily. This means that even if you are not working, your customers will still be able to fill out their forms and upload them without contacting you or waiting for you to come online. 
  • Your customers won’t have to go through the troubles of printing the documents just to sign them. Adding their signatures with their phones, tablets, or laptop will save their time and costs too and will be a positive point for your business’s reputation.  
  • Even if your customers are not located in close vicinity, they will still be able to sign the documents anywhere and anytime without consulting a customer representative for guidance.  

    Apart from all these advantages, Rides Rental Software also allows your customer to upload their driving licenses and documents with one tap for your business's legal requirements. So, it is all in all a perfect package for your rental business which can keep your business up and running without requiring too much effort and physical activities. Don’t think twice.  

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