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10 Ways to Increase Your Rental Bookings Today


Published on October 22, 2023

Rides Rental Software's 10 Ways to Increase Your Rental Bookings!

Attracting customers is not as difficult as it seems if you have the right techniques and know the right way to approach them. Online businesses can find so many tips to increase their customer base relating to their businesses but when it comes to rental ones, so little can be found which you can apply to your business and in that little data found on the internet, 90% of it is almost about vacation and property rentals. For this very reason, we have combined some tips and techniques which, if you apply them, can help you gain a lot of customers within a matter of days. Let’s cut to the chase and see how you can make your business grow by increasing the number of bookings today.

1 -Constantly and consistently make updates:

  • When it comes to designing your web page, you need to hit the spot. Your initial impressions will last a long time for the customers if you have made them right. The information, photos, profile, portfolio, etc. should be aligned and attractive to the customers so that they do not feel the need to look for any other website after landing yours. The pictures you post should be professionally edited and HD. The information should be helpful and authentic. The tabs should be for the ease of customers and not complicate things more. Trust us, when we say, digital customers do not like clicking more than twice to reach their desired page. Update your social media regularly with something new and trendy. Falling into oblivion is much easier for digital brands than being recognized these days.

2 –Focus on customers’ likings and not yours:

  1. This trick helps a lot to gain traffic quickly. You should always have insights on which product or service is being clicked the most by customers and which rental service is being opted for more recently by clients. Get the right statistics and focus on the promotion of these products. If you promote a post on social media and it is a paid one, make sure you select the post with the most rented service. There are some offerings for which the customers will definitely pay because they need them. Try making more updates on them and make sure you have the right testimonials and recommendations for those products, so the potential customers can click on the 'book now’ button more often.

3 –Keep changing your price brackets according to seasons and events:

  1. Never changing the rates of your services while all the competitors do, will make you appear inactive and uninterested in making the sales. You need to come up with discount offers, price changes in various seasons, packages, etc. This way the customers will always look up to your website to see what are your current rates and this will bring them back to your website time and again and if they find a suitable offer, well there you have your bookings right away. However, you should know how to cover up your costs and come up with a reasonable and attractive offer at the same time.

4 –Processing information and data should always be in an optimal way:

  1. It is possible that when you start you have a few services to offer, but as your business grows you add new categories to your portfolio. When the offerings are few, manual data processing via spreadsheets and online booking systems can help but as your business grows, you need to have proper rental software that can manage each process for you in an error-free way. You use spreadsheets, you put data manually, you waste a lot of time which could have been used in making a new marketing campaign or a business strategy. Act smart and go for optimization. If you want rental software to ease your work and saves a lot of time for you, Click here to get your optimal rental software!

5 –Automation is your best employee:

  1. Data entry and bookings individually and manually, either done by yourself or by a hired employee is nothing but a waste of time and added costs. Task repetitions come along with this and coordination will become more difficult because different employees will not be on the same page because of using inefficient ways. Try and automate all the processes so you can focus on taking more bookings than handling the existing ones.

6 –Make customers your partners:

  1. Never appear as a robotic supplier to your customer. You need to connect on a personal level to get them loyal to your brand. Give advice, ask if they need any suggestions, be as much help as you can. For example, if a customer asks for a service and the same category has a discount coming on, tell them to wait a few days so they can get a discount if it’s not an emergency. This will make you look considerate and you will get positive word of mouth around customers.

7 –Get yourself listed on Google My Business:

  1. All you need is to create a listing for your rental business so you can get listed on Google among your competitor brands. You can also appear on top of the list if you provide authentic information and your whereabouts.

8 –Make your website your Brand Ambassador:

  1. Having a social media presence is not enough. Many business pages get avoided by customers because there is no website linked to them and customers cannot have a view of how the business looks, virtually. Have a website designed with the best SEO techniques and let it do the talking.

9 –Know your Unique Selling Points:

  1. Not everything is offered by everyone in the industry. Brands are recognized on the basis of their USPs. Have a knowledge of what is yours and promote it until you get brand awareness and recognition on its basis.

10 –Reviews get you more bookings:

  1. Ask your customers to share their views and be open to criticism and feedback. Share the review and attract more customers. Also, if you need rental software to do all of the above-mentioned tips for you, so you can just sit back and see your profitability rate going higher, Rides Rental Software is providing you with all such benefits.

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