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Loyalty Cards: How to Reward Customers, So They Keep Coming Back

Having loyal customers who return to do business with you time and again is one of the biggest keys to your success as a small business. Making customers for your business can be difficult and maintaining them can be difficult as well. Think of ways how you can retain your customers, what are the ways that they only choose you despite all the Rental Business? 

We are here with the solution this time as well! Present loyalty cards to your Best Customers. Rental businesses aren’t like other eCommerce stores. They don’t sell a product; they sell a service - the ability to use the equipment for a limited time. Now, the point is what to offer in the loyalty program! You can simply offer a discount to your best Customer. 

Here are some tips that will help you with the loyalty Program you are offering to your customers. 

1. Give Gifts for Referrals

What’s better than getting repeat business from your customers? Getting their friends and family as customers too. Ideally, your clients like doing business with you so much, they’d be happy to spread the good word. So reward them for doing so.
Offer a free month of service or a major discount to a client whose referral signs up with you. Even better, offer something to your current customer and the new referral. That’s a great way to build loyalty from both of them.

2. Provide Customer Discounts

Money talks. And few things speak louder than saving money on purchases. One way to cultivate loyalty is to offer discounts for customers who come back. Some ways to offer discounts:
1. Tuck a coupon, good for a future visit, and tell the buyer about it so they don’t miss it.
2. Print out a special offer offering a percentage off or money back on their next rental visit for a certain time period. It’s a great way to thank someone for their current business and encourage them to come back.

3. Show appreciation with social media shout-outs.

What person doesn’t appreciate some sort of recognition? Social media shout-outs give buyers a sense that you care about them, and most love the added attention. Use this to your advantage to not only get exposure but to also show off your products, strengthen relationships with your audience, and build loyalty - all through user-generated content.

As we all know that social media has the power to engage many users of your business, why not use it for your own good? 

4. Offer Freebies to Repeat Customers

Customers expect excellent service and good value. What else can you give them? Freebies! A reward program will offer your customers extra benefits for continuing to do business with you. Give them some small discount on their next visit, gift them something when they book a ride with your company. Give them a 5, 10% discount on the ongoing Business commitment they have with you!

Stand out with loyalty cards

The last decade has proven that loyalty programs work as an effective way to retain customers, boost their lifetime value and provide better customer service. Of course, you could use the good old punch-card style of a loyalty program, but bringing it into the 21st century will be more successful.

Loyalty cards help customers feel like they’re members of an exclusive club that gets discounts not available to everyone. You can also have a lot of fun creating designs that make people proud to be carrying your loyalty card in their wallet.


We are more than happy that you are making your mark in the rental business industry. There are some things that we want you to know so that your customers stay happy with your services. 
Offering a loyalty program can do wonders with your business, you can give your loyal customers some discount, some off on their next booking, and some gift vouchers! 

By doing this your customers will be happy and their word of mouth will be strong and positive for your business.