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Rental Software vs Online Booking System Blog Post

Rental Software v. Online Booking System; All the differences you need to know

Rental Software is a process simplification tool which eases the transactions of renting out equipment and vehicles by providing the renters with the strategy of gaining customers and making the data processing behind the screen easy and streamlined. Once a renter makes use of this software, he will find many growth opportunities for his business because of the two reasons; 

1. He will have more time focusing on the expansion because the data processing which was previously done on spreadsheets manually taking hours will now be controlled by the software, sparing the owner a lot of time. 
2. The online presence will be looked over by the rental software provider which will increase the online sales, visibility and market share for the rental company. 

How to find the right and most beneficent solution? 

Many different car rental software providers may offer a lot of deals to you and many of them may be good. But the price tags of every company on these deals are different. You must have the information and knowledge to find which company has the best offering for your rental store. 
  • 1. You must be aware of your online rental needs; what do you want from the software company and which problems need to be tackled by them.
  • 2. You must also know the difference between online booking and rental software systems, so you can’t be dodged by someone selling a different service than you need. 

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What is an Online Booking System (OBS)? 

Service providing companies make use of online booking systems to get their appointments booked online by their customers; doctors and dentist services, cosmetology services, hair styling services, airplane ticket booking etc. all come in this category. The tour arrangers also use this system for scheduling trips and getting customers online. 

This process is effective when it comes to automation of the booking and scheduling of the appointment for customers as there is no manual work involved and the companies do not have to hire a person to carry out the processes, thus eliminating the chances of human error. 

Where does OBS lack? 

Although online booking provides much ease in getting the information of customers, update the data regarding the appointments and bookings, ease out the online payments and handles the online traffic, the effectiveness just ends here. It DOES NOT provide solutions for; 
  • 1. Social media optimization to gain customers
  • 2. Inventory management
  • 3. Back-end programming functionalities 
  • 4. Data tracking
  • 5. Robust web mechanism and design
For your customers, it wouldn’t make any difference whether they make use of OBS or Rental software to place their order, but for you as a rental company using OBS will add up costs because you have to pay for the online booking process and for the backend process if carried out by another third party. For customers however, a rental software can provide more rental options and details of equipment to be rented out than a simple online booking system can provide. 

OBS does not manage your inventory:

Though booking solutions are easy to deal with, they are limited in their functions and thus when it comes to managing inventory; how much equipment or vehicles have been rented and how many are left and how many have to be returned by the customers etc. OBS does not connect with the RFID and thus there’s a risk that one customer can accidently book two times, or a rented-out equipment is booked before the date of its return. This makes things more complicated for the employees who are managing the back-end processes. The problems add up especially, when the season of high-demand arrives or there’s too much traffic on the website and in the end, you can end up losing customers due to poor service or experience. 

For your rental business:

To have your business running without any trouble you need a car rental software which not only manages the booking but also the web designing, traffic generation and handling, SEO, inventory, payment, back support etc. For this purpose, Rides Rental Software came up with an easy solution where you can get your business operations running smoothly and maximize the number of units rented by incorporating key features like online booking, real time data, tracking and more.

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What is Rental Software?

Rental software is a big picture. Online booking is just a part of the many functions which rental software perform. It serves the rental businesses on multiple levels. The car rental software takes in all the complexities and lays out a simple picture for your business. A reputable software provider, like Rides Rental, will make sure that all the processing is implemented seamlessly and the inventories are handled the same way. 

Functions of Rental Software: 

Rental software integrates all the functions and also allows your business to gain more rental orders from various customers. It also handles the online optimization of your brand and gains you popularity and visibility. It performs the following functions, thus reducing the manual work of staff: 
  • 1. Tracking online sales on multi-channel platforms
  • 2. Integrating back-office functions (spreadsheet, data processing, analysis) 
  • 3. Inventory holding and management (stock un/availability, items rented out, items left etc.)
  • 4. Scheduling of appointments and orders

Which is a better option? 

Both of the options are good but a rental software is more efficient. Both are available in different price categories and it totally depends upon the needs of the rental business, which one they want to opt for. However, the online booking system is limited in its operations and does not add any value to both the customer and the provider at the same time. It is cheap Of course, but the price justifies the functions it serves. On the other hand, the rental software grips the core of all the rental business allowing them to expand at the same time. Though a bit expensive than the OBS, it helps the business avoid potential risks, gain technical benefits, add personalized experience etc. 

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